About Me

Image of a woman wearing glasses and a blue sweater.

Therapist by day....

Education: I earned my MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University Seattle. My studies were influenced by theories of social justice, attachment, and existentialism.

Life lessons: I'm a human, too! My ACES score is 5, six years ago I graduated from cancer treatment, and I do a daily dance of acceptance of chronic pain. I practice an ongoing intention to acknowledge my strength and to practice self-compassion. To do this work, I have to do the work. 

Additionally, mental health counseling is my second career; I worked for 15 years in tech and tech publishing, until I experienced severe burnout.

By night: I dabble in philosophy and herbalism and am easily distracted by anything magical or witchy.  I love to garden. I'm usually reading several books at once. Occasionally I will read a book along with a client and discuss the content as it pertains to the client's therapy. 

If you see me via telehealth, you will likely get to know my cats, who occasionally make themselves known during a session. 



Sylvie Loretta